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The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) announced on 11 January 2024 that a review will be conducted

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Plant machinery finance

Plant machinery finance can help your business increase capacity and grow sustainably. Discover finance with Anglo Scottish.


A vital part of industrial businesses around the world, ‘plant’ refers to any type of machinery used for industrial or construction activity. This broad designation can cover anything from excavators to forklift trucks, cranes and more.

In most applications, these types of machinery are vital to your business’s ability to function properly – whether in terms of actually being able to service your customers, maintaining your supply chain, or manufacturing a product.

However, these types of machinery tend to be expensive. And, if unforeseen issues occur, it can be hugely detrimental to a business’s cash flow to have to replace plant machinery with a singular payment.

That’s where we come in. At Anglo Scottish, we offer a wide range of plant machinery finance arrangements intended to benefit businesses in a range of different sectors and disciplines, from logistics to manufacturing, transportation, and construction.

To find out more about our forms of plant machinery finance, contact our expert team.


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Types of plant machinery finance  

At Anglo Scottish, we offer a range of different finance options that are suitable for funding the purchase of your plant machinery. As plant machinery is a type of business asset, these fall into the asset finance category and typically involve spreading the cost of your purchase over a pre-agreed period.

Items which are commonly subject to plant machinery finance include excavators, forklift trucks, loaders, bulldozers, cranes, rollers and more.


We have also helped to finance unique plant items, such as:

  • CNC machines
  • Robotic arms and automatic processing
  • Large mechanical presses
  • Machine tools
  • Food processing equipment
  • Injection moulding equipment
  • Lathes
  • Drilling machines
  • Milling machines
  • Forklifts

Thanks to Anglo Scottish’s unique and varied portfolio of over 70 funders, we can provide different lending criteria from the big banks, making finance more accessible for a range of different businesses.

Our available forms of finance for plant machinery are:

Hire purchase

Hire purchase is a type of finance which allows your business to spread the cost of your plant machinery.

Operating lease

An operating lease is an agreement which allows your business to use an asset for a fixed period without actually owning it.

Finance lease

A finance lease is similar to an operating lease in that you can use and benefit from an asset without ownership. However, unlike an operating lease, a finance lease will appear on the balance sheet of your business.

Contract hire

Contract hire is a popular way of financing plant machinery and vehicles. It allows you to use the vehicles for a set period in return for a fixed monthly payment without owning them.

Excavator Finance

Excavators are one of the most popularly financed forms of plant machinery. Primarily used for digging, excavators can also be fitted with a wide range of attachments and tools, such as buckets, dippers, or booms, making them a versatile and vital addition to any site.

The initial cost of such a purchase can be expensive, particularly for sole traders or contractors who have just started out. Some choose to rent an excavator for this reason, but financing is usually seen as a more long-term solution.

By finding a finance agreement to suit your business, you can help facilitate sustainable growth and increase your capacity without damaging your cash flow for months to come.

Maintaining a level of flexibility with your cash flow can be the difference between surviving and thriving – especially for new businesses.

The right excavator finance agreement will depend on your business goals – and whether you wish to own the asset at the end of the repayment term.

To find the right excavator financing option for you, our expert team are on hand to help. Contact us to find out everything you need to know when it comes to excavator finance.

Forklift Truck Finance

Forklift trucks are another commonly financed form of plant machinery finance. Used in a vast range of industries from warehousing to logistics and transport, forklifts can increase your business’s loading capacity and speed, saving you time and money.

The cost of a motorised, ride-on forklift ranges from £10,000 (pre-owned) up to £30,000, making it a difficult outlay for new businesses. The difference a forklift can make to your business’s efficiency makes it a worthwhile investment in many cases, but it’s important to do so without compromising your short-term cash flow.

We offer a range of finance agreements to support your business with purchasing or loaning a forklift truck, including hire purchase, finance lease, operating lease and contract hire.


There may even be scope for your business to refinance existing assets to support with the purchase of your forklift.

Choosing the right plant machinery finance

Finance does not have to be limited to forklift trucks or excavators, however. There is a vast range of items for which Anglo Scottish can provide finance agreements to support you with their purchase.


Consider your industry, and which asset is best-suited to your business at this point in time.

Why choose Anglo?

We pride ourselves on our unique and varied portfolio of funders, who we work closely with. Through our funders, we can offer a wider range of lending criteria than you might find at a traditional bank.


Therefore, at Anglo, it can be easier to find lending conditions that suit your business. We may be able to offer finance to businesses with lower credit ratings than the big banks – so get in touch to find out whether our finance arrangements are right for you.

How to apply for plant machinery finance

Applying for plant machinery finance at Anglo Scottish has never been simpler!


Just decide which asset your business is most in need of, and get in touch – our team will help identify which form of finance is most aligned with your business goals, work with you to find mutually beneficial repayment terms and contact our panel of funders on your behalf.



asset how it works_1 decide


Decide on the asset you need to help your business grow


asset how it works_2 talk


Talk to us, tell us about your business and the asset you wish to acquire.


asset how it works_3 reach


We will reach out to our panel of lenders on your behalf to gain approval.


asset how it works_4 sign


Sign your document, once approved we’ll send you your documents to sign. After which we will transfer payment to your asset supplier.

Final check

asset how it works_5 final checks

Final checks

We’ll do a final check to make sure everything is running smoothly, and you can start reaping the benefits of your new asset.


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If you work in a sector where machinery is required – for manufacture, transport, construction or anything else – plant machinery finance could help your business grow sustainably.


And, with a vast range of finance options and repayment terms, there’s no reason why your business shouldn’t benefit from plant finance.


Contact our team today to discuss your business goals, and how Anglo Scottish can help you meet them.

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