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The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) announced on 11 January 2024 that a review will be conducted

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Coffee, Vending Machine and Ice Vending Machine Finance

Vending machines give your employees the option of convenience – grabbing a quick drink or snack during the work day, without having to leave the office to get something to eat or drink.

Whether installed in the staff room to keep your employees happy, or in public-facing areas to augment the customer experience, coffee machines and vending machines can make a huge difference to your business.

Installing a coffee machine is another way to boost employee wellbeing, making hot drinks easily accessible and highlighting that your business cares about its staff.

Ice vending machines are another way you can show you care about your staff. Their presence can boost morale and even improve employee retention.

However, though they can have a massive impact on your business, getting access to vending machines can be expensive. The initial outlay on a machine like this could be hugely detrimental to a smaller business’s cash flow.

That’s where we can help! We offer a wide range of coffee machine finance agreements, vending machine finance, and ice vending machine finance agreements, which can help make budgeting simpler and increase your employee wellbeing.

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What is hospitality machine finance?

Hospitality machinery, such as coffee machines and vending machines, can carry a substantial cost.

Depending on the type of vending machine you’re interested in purchasing, you can expect the overall cost to vary from several hundred to a few thousand pounds.

Meanwhile, coffee machines intended for commercial or office use typically cost between £1,000 and £2,000 to purchase outright, while more sophisticated machines can cost up to £15,000.

There are a number of advantages to opting for vending machine finance for items such as these. Splitting the cost into manageable monthly payments provides your business with more financial flexibility without compromising on cash flow.

Vending and coffee machine finance options

At Anglo Scottish, we offer a wide range of asset finance arrangements that are suitable for financing or leasing coffee machines, vending machines or ice machines.

Each of these options has its own distinct characteristics and each could have advantages for your company.

Our available forms of vending machine finance include:

Hire purchase

Hire purchase is a type of finance that allows your business to spread the cost of your vending machine over a set period.

Operating lease

An operating lease is an agreement that allows your business to use a vending machine for a fixed period, without actually owning it.

Finance lease

A finance lease is similar to an operating lease in that you can use and benefit from an asset without ownership. However, unlike an operating lease, a finance lease will appear on the balance sheet of your business

Commercial finance – in the form of a traditional business loan – could also be available to support the initial payment for your equipment.

Whether you opt for a finance purchase or lease will depend on your long-term business goals and if you would like your company to own the asset at the end of the agreement.

In most applications, it can benefit your business to take ownership of the vending machine or coffee machine after you’ve completed your monthly payments. Once paid off, they are permanent items which create the potential for a new revenue stream.

Benefits of vending machine and coffee machine finance

Opting for a vending machine lease or finance plan has numerous advantages, both from an operational and financial standpoint.

Both vending machines and coffee machines offer the ability to recoup your initial investment by charging employees or customers for their drinks and snacks. By spreading this initial cost with a finance plan, you can preserve working capital for other, vital business expenses.

Flexible payment options and plans are also available, giving your business the best finance terms to suit your goals.

Financing lease rental payments for your coffee machine or ice vending machine can also, in many cases, be 100% tax-deductible against profits. This can significantly reduce your tax liability while providing essential assets. Seek advice from your accountant to confirm whether this is the case for your business.

Securing your vending or coffee machine finance

Applying for a coffee machine or vending machine has never been easier. Our experienced team are on hand to help guide you through each and every step.

Once you’ve decided on the asset that you’d like to finance, get in touch and our team will work with you to understand your business and growth goals.

Once established, we’ll reach out to our uniquely varied panel of over 70 approved funders on your behalf to find the best lending conditions for your situation



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Talk to us, our team fully understands your operational and managerial requirements and can help you find the best deal for you..


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We will run through all of your available options and find the right agreement that will meet your needs.



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Sign your document, once approved we’ll send you your documents to sign. After which we will transfer payment to your asset supplier

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