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The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) announced on 11 January 2024 that a review will be conducted

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Bath Clean Air Scheme

Working closely with Bath & North East Somerset Council, we assist businesses and individuals in applying for financial assistance, supplying new compliant vehicles, and finding the best finance option available.

If you would like to find out more, or if you have already contacted Bath Council to confirm your eligibility, please contact us asap to start your CAZ journey.

How Can Anglo Scottish Help?

We are the “one-stop shop” for CAZ support.

We’ve been working closely with Bath and North East Somerset council with their introduction of the clean air zone, and so far we’ve helped hundreds of businesses and individuals to switch to compliant vehicles. Once your eligibility has been approved we can get to work.

Our Services

  • Grant Application Assistance
  • Vehicle Sourcing
  • Vehicle Finance

Our team are all experts in their respective fields and it is their aim to make the process as easy as possible for you.

Contact our team on;

Email: caz@angloscottishfinance.co.uk

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The financial assistance scheme is now closed.

About the Clean Air Scheme

Bath’s Clean Air Zone (CAZ) began on midnight on Monday 15th March 2021. From this date, vehicles entering the zone which emit a high level of pollution, have been required to pay a charge. This includes higher emission taxis, private hire vehicles, minibus’, vans (including pick-ups and campervans), light goods vehicles, buses, coaches, or HGV’s.

The zones operate 24 hours a day (midnight to midnight), seven days a week, all year round.

Higher emission taxis, private hire vehicles, minibuses, LGVs, and vans (including pick-ups and campervans) are charged at £9 a day, Higher emission buses, coaches, and HGVs at £100 a day

Larger, higher emission horse transporters and motorhomes (classed as private heavy goods vehicles) may be charged a reduced rate of £9 a day if the vehicle is registered with Bath and North East Somerset Council at least 14 days ahead of its journey. Otherwise, the charge is £100.

Clean Air Assistance Scheme

Anglo Scottish, along with our sister company, Maxxia have been working closely with Bath and North East Somerset Council since the beginning of 2021, to provide direct support to businesses and individuals to upgrade their existing vehicles to “clean air complaint” vehicles. This includes pre-Euro 6 Diesel and Pre-Euro 4 Petrol LGV’s, HGV’s, Buses/Coaches, and Taxis that are regularly entering the center of Bath and have been identified as having a particularly negative impact on air quality through their emissions.

Available Financial Support

Businesses and individuals can benefit from a Grant towards the acquisition of a compliant vehicle and/or Interest-Free financing so that they can spread the cost of acquiring the vehicles with no interest or fees.

If you are interested in the scheme and believe you may be eligible, you should first register your interest with the Bath Clean Air Zone Team, you can do this here.

After you have discussed your requirements with the council, a telematic (tracking) device will be fitted into your vehicle for two months. This must be left in your vehicle all the time; you are asked to return it. A report of your vehicle’s trips into Bath’s Clean Air Zone will then be produced. From this, Bath and North East Somerset Council will assess your requirement and either approve or decline your application.

Once approved you will receive a Basic Eligibility Letter, you can use this to start making your financial assistance application.

Once you have received your Eligibility letter, our dedicated CAZ team can get to work.

The team will guide you through the funding application for the grant, as well as assist you to access finance for your new vehicle if necessary.

If you haven’t already chosen a new vehicle, our team can help here too. Our vehicle sourcing team has access to a UK-wide network of approved dealerships to help you find the right vehicle to meet your business or personal needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Financial support is available under the scheme?

The financial support scheme provides grants and interest-free finance to help businesses and individuals who may regularly have to pay charges for journeys into Bath’s new Clean Air Zone.

  1. Grant only and acquire your new vehicle with cash/your own financing.
  2. Grant and an interest-free finance agreement or.
  3. Interest-free finance agreements

All of which are subject to status, eligibility, and credit checks

What is the value of the grants available?

You could receive a grant of up to 35% of the net upgrade costs. These grants can be used alongside the scheme’s interest-free finance. Grants are capped for each vehicle type, as shown below.

Taxis, PHVs, and vans: up to £4,500

HGVs: up to £20,000

Buses and coaches: up to £35,000

What finance options do you offer?

We can offer both regulated and non-regulated financial products, with agreement terms over 2 – 5 years (6 and 7 years for coaches and buses).

Hire Purchase – this allows you to spread the cost of the vehicle with the option to own it at the end of the fixed period.

Finance Lease – if you are looking for a tax-efficient solution, this product allows you to offset monthly/quarterly payments against taxable profits but where you can receive 95% of the proceeds of sale at the end of the lease term.


Useful links

Check if you will be charged with this handy vehicle registration checker – https://www.gov.uk/clean-air-zones

View a map of Bath’s Clean Air Zone – https://beta.bathnes.gov.uk/view-map-baths-clean-air-zone