Commercial Finance

Anglo Scottish has access to a panel of funders, each with their own specialisms
and lending criteria pertaining to commercial finance – this means our clients increase their ability to secure the required funds and have access to the best commercial finance rates available.

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The world of commercial finance has changed dramatically in recent years, with traditional banks and lenders being joined by a variety of alternative players who offer different and often more flexible lending solutions.

Speak to your bank about commercial finance and you may find yourself restricted to its product suite and lending policy, which may make it very difficult to access the required funds.


Banks often have strict lending criteria, making many businesses ineligible for their services. Anglo Scottish on the other hand, works with an extensive range of funders with varying lending criteria, which means that we can find a commercial finance lending solution that genuinely matches a business’s requirements, from mortgages to business start up loans.

We help businesses with a wide variety of funding profiles, including start-ups and established businesses, businesses with adverse credit histories, and those who have been affected by unfavourable market conditions.

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Commercial Lending

Whether you’re running an existing business or have plans for a start-up, we can offer commercial lending including small business loans, start up business loans and more and help you access the most competitive business loan rates on the market.

Invoice Finance

We can help you take control of your cash flow with invoicing finance, which releases cash from customer orders when you need it.

FX Transactions

Providing spot conversions and forward contracts, we can help to minimise exchange rate fluctuation risks and find competitive exchange rates that work for your business.

R&D Tax Claims

R&D tax credits can improve cash flow and free up funds which can be reinvested to purchase assets or support your company’s growth strategy.

Trade Finance

We can help importers, exporters, and wholesalers by providing trade finance based on your customers’ confirmed purchases, meaning orders can be fulfilled rapidly, without being left short of available cash.

Commercial mortgages

We can help secure commercial mortgages to cover new purchases, property extensions, or refinancing, as well as residential and commercial investments.

Cashflow Funding

Whether your business is seasonal, or you have periods with larger amounts of expense or lower income, cashflow loans can help to balance out peaks and troughs in commercial liquidity.

Credit Card

We’ve partnered with Capital on Tap to provide a business credit card designed to make the lives of small businesses better.

Bridging Finance

Bridging finance loans provide rapid access to funds, allowing you to take advantage of time-sensitive business opportunities, and we can help you access the facility in as little as 48 hours.

Development Finance

Commercial development finance is a form of financing that is used to fund the costs associated with the construction, development, or renovation of commercial propertiesand can also be for house building.

Case Studies

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Farming is an essential industry in the UK, with approximately 149,000 farm businesses driving the economy. Despite its crucial role, farming has encountered various challenges over the years, prompting farmers and farm owners to explore innovative ideas to mitigate risks, generate revenue streams and diversifying farming businesses.

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