The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) announced on 11 January 2024 that a review will be conducted in the vehicle finance market regarding Discretionary Commissions. We want to inform our customers that Anglo Scottish Asset Finance acts as a broker, not a lender, and if you believe you have been impacted by this issue, please contact your car finance lender. For further information, please click here

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) announced on 11 January 2024 that a review will be conducted

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Soft Asset Finance

Spread the cost of vital soft assets and level up your business’s facilities with soft asset finance.

If your business needs access to crucial soft assets, securing finance can be difficult from a traditional lender, who might limit you to high-value tangible assets like vehicles or machinery. That’s where we come in – our range of soft asset finance agreements are suited for both tangible and intangible soft assets.

Soft assets can take many forms and can cover anything from intellectual property and patents to computer software and more. At Anglo Scottish, we can offer finance arrangements for a wide range of soft or intangible assets with favourable terms to suit your business.

Discover Anglo Scottish Finance’s range of soft asset finance agreements and utilise flexible funding solutions to access the equipment and software your business needs to grow.

Find out more about soft asset finance here, or contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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What is soft asset finance?  

A soft asset can take many forms and can vary across industries. Typically, however, a soft asset is equipment that is important to the running of your business, but has little to no resale value at the end of the finance agreement.

This definition covers a wide range of different assets – covering anything from computer software to office furniture. Both tangible and intangible assets can fall under the umbrella of soft assets.

Due to the lack of residual value at the end of the agreement, some funders may charge higher rates for soft asset finance, as opposed to a hard asset.

What is the difference between tangible and intangible assets?

Both tangible and intangible assets can be of vital importance to a business’s success. Both can also be categorised as soft or hard assets, depending on the specific item.

A tangible asset refers to a physical, non-monetary asset. These are usually something that you can physically touch, such as inventory, vehicles, machinery, or office furniture.

An intangible asset refers to a non-monetary asset you can’t physically touch. These can be just as important to the business, but may typically be more difficult to finance. Intangible asset examples include computer software, intellectual property, trademarks, or copyrights.

Whether an item is tangible or intangible does not affect whether it is considered a hard or soft asset – this designation is decided by the item’s resale value at the end of the agreement.

Thanks to our extensive range of funders, we can connect you with the best possible terms for your soft asset finance, helping you to get access to the asset you need without hamstringing your company’s cash flow.

Examples of soft assets  

Often, soft assets are likely to be sector-specific – in many cases, the soft asset your business needs will depend on your industry. We work with businesses across a range of sectors to provide intangible asset finance, including:

IT and office equipment:

For your premises:

  • Solar panels
  • CCTV systems
  • Security alarm systems
  • Fittings and fascias
  • Biomass boilers and CHP units
  • Modular buildings
  • Warehouse/storage racking
  • Roller doors
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Storage units/containers

For tradesmen:

  • Scaffolding
  • Tooling, small attachments
  • Garage diagnostics
  • Spray booths

How intangible asset finance works

Intangible asset finance enables your business to get access to non-physical assets by spreading the cost into pre-agreed monthly payments.

Because there is such a wide range of intangible assets, we can support in a range of ways. Intangible assets are typically categorised into two types:

Indefinite intangible assets

These assets remain with your business for as long as it is operational. This could include anything from a brand name to a logo.

Definite intangible assets

These are intangible assets which are restricted to be operational for a limited period. A good example here might be a patent, which typically expires after 20 years.

We’ll work with you to secure the perfect lending terms for your intangible asset finance – just get in touch to discuss your business requirements.

Securing your soft asset finance

When you choose Anglo Scottish as your finance partner, getting access to the soft assets you need to take your business to the next level is quick and simple.

Our unique funding portfolio means we can connect you with the perfect funder from one of our 70+ partners. This also means we can offer a wider range of lending terms than traditional institutions like big banks, and can often have your application approved within just 24 hours.

Just decide on the soft asset you want to finance and get in touch – our team will work with you to find out how we can best support you with the terms you need.

Already purchased your soft asset?

Don’t worry – we can still help!

If you’ve bought your asset within the last three months and have proof of purchase, we can offer sale and HP-back options or sale and lease-back options, allowing you to refinance the asset and get the capital back.

Email enquiries@angloscottishfinance.co.uk for more details


Five steps to easy finance. Find out how we get you your finance lease below.


asset how it works_1 decide


Decide on the asset you need to help your business grow


car-finance how it works_1 contact us


Talk to us, tell us about your business and the asset you wish to acquire.


asset how it works_5 final checks


We will reach out to our panel of lenders on your behalf to gain approval.


car-finance how it works_4 paperwork


Sign your document, once approved we’ll send you your documents to sign. After which we will transfer payment to your asset supplier


car-finance how it works_2 approval


We’ll do a final check to make sure everything is running smoothly, and you can start reaping the benefits of your new asset.

Contact us

A wide range of assets can fall under the soft asset umbrella, and we can support with a broad range of finance agreements and lending terms to help your business get access to them.

If you’re interested in financing an item and are unsure whether it would fall into the soft or hard category of asset, we can help!

To find out more about our soft asset finance services or simply chat through your requirements with our team of expert advisors, contact our team today.

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