The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) announced on 11 January 2024 that a review will be conducted in the vehicle finance market regarding Discretionary Commissions. We want to inform our customers that Anglo Scottish Asset Finance acts as a broker, not a lender, and if you believe you have been impacted by this issue, please contact your car finance lender. For further information, please click here

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) announced on 11 January 2024 that a review will be conducted

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At Anglo Scottish Finance, we work with businesses from a vast range of sectors.

Our finance agreements are tailored to your business’s specific needs and goals, as well as to your sector’s specific idiosyncrasies. Whether you’re looking for green finance arrangements to boost your business’s sustainability credentials, plant finance to invest in machinery or office finance to level up your company’s IT equipment, we can help.

Our team of experts will work with you to identify the right funder – and the right finance arrangement – for you.

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Which sectors do we support with?

Irrespective of your sector, our team of experts, and panel of 70+ funders are on hand to connect you with the right finance agreement for you.

Plant and Manufacturing Finance

Fund specialist machinery and boost business growth with tailored finance for plant and manufacturing.

Construction and Engineering Finance

Support the growth of your construction or engineering business with asset and commercial finance.

Agricultural and Farming Finance

Boost productivity at your rural business with commercial and asset finance for farms and farmers.

Renewable Energy Finance

Improve your business’s green credentials with renewable energy finance agreements.

IT Equipment Finance

Level up your IT equipment and help streamline your business with dedicated office finance.

Haulage Finance

Increase your hauling capacity and expand your fleet with haulage finance from Anglo Scottish.

Transport and Private Hire Finance

Expand the fleet and grow your business with our transport and private hire finance options.

Healthcare and Medical Finance

Need to purchase the latest IT equipment, beds or patient care machines? We can help.

Horsebox Finance

Ensure your equine passengers travel in style with our dedicated horsebox finance arrangements.

Leisure and Hospitality Finance

Expand your kitchen or take your pub to the next level with our leisure finance plans.

School and Education Finance

Support learning activities and get the latest technology with school finance arrangements.

Scaffolding finance

Support your construction business to grow, take on a wider range of projects, and combat cash flow gaps.

Commercial Furniture Finance

Commercial furniture finance is the perfect way to level up your business’s facilities and grow sustainably whilst maintaining your cash flow.

LED Lighting Finance

LED lighting finance from Anglo-Scottish can help your business switch to energy-saving LED bulbs. Finance your way to a more sustainable business.

Coffee & Vending Machine Finance

Boost team wellbeing and level up your business with coffee machine finance and vending machine finance from Anglo Scottish.

What forms of finance do we offer?

Commercial finance

We can connect you with a wide range of forms of commercial finance, depending on your business, your sector, your goals and more.

Our offered forms of commercial finance include:


Whether you’re looking to purchase new property or land, refinance or expand your buildings, we can help you find the best commercial mortgage to meet your requirements.

FX Transactions

With access to alternative solutions to banks and traditional bureaus de change, our team can provide spot conversions and forward contracts to minimise exchange rate fluctuation risks.


Businesses of all sizes and ages can benefit from an injection of business finance, in fact, a perfectly timed boost of additional finance into your business can be highly beneficial.

R&D Tax Credits

R&D tax relief can improve cashflow and free up funds which can be reinvested to purchase assets or support your company’s growth strategy.

Invoice Finance

Invoice finance is a method for raising cash quickly for your business. It can be made available as soon as an invoice is issued and can be used to help grow your business.

Bridging Finance

Bridging loans are short-term, interest-only loans that are usually arranged for up to 18 months (although some lenders offer longer terms).

Cashflow Funding

A cash flow loan is a type of unsecured loan used to help businesses manage their cash flow. The loan is usually reliant on the future cash flows of the company to ensure repayment of the loan.

Trade Finance

Trade finance is, simply put an all-encompassing solution to filling in any gaps between shipping products and getting paid.

Business Credit Card

The business credit card that helps manage your business spending while earning rewards on everyday business expenses.

Asset finance

We also offer a number of asset-based lending solutions, to help spread the cost of an asset and aid your business’s cash flow.

These include:

Hire purchase

Hire purchase is a type of lease agreement that gives you the option to own the asset at the end of the term. After an initial deposit, the outstanding balance is paid off in monthly instalments.

Contract hire

Also known as car leasing, contract hire is a form of finance agreement whereby the customer hires a vehicle in return for regular monthly payments.

Operating lease

An operating lease is a form of rental agreement through which you the customer can make use of an asset over a fixed period in return for regular rental instalments to the lessor (the finance company).

Finance lease

A finance lease is a contract between a lessor (a funder or finance company) and a lessee (your business), where the lessee requires the use of business equipment, vehicles, or machinery.

Vendor finance

Vendor finance is a division of asset finance specifically tailored to businesses that sell vehicles, machinery, and equipment to other businesses.

Choosing the right finance solution

Choosing the right finance option for you can be a challenge – but thankfully, our expert team are on hand to help. We’ll take everything into account, from your sector, to your business’s growth goals, interest rates and any other terms and conditions that may be important to you.

Whether you’re looking for commercial or asset finance, we’ve got you covered – view our case studies and testimonials below for more information.

CASE STUDIES – real-life examples

Choosing An Electric Commercial Vehicle, Everything You Need To Know.

Looking for an a new electric commercial vehicle? there are various avenues through which you can obtain one so we look at your buying options so you can make an informed decision.

10 Reasons Your Business Needs Finance

Finance as a business strategy is a crucial element that drives the success and growth of any organisation. By effectively managing finances, businesses can make informed decisions, allocate resources wisely, and achieve their long-term objectives. We look at when a business could use finance to its advantage.

Supporting Your Business Growth With Invoice Finance

For businesses in a wide range of sectors, invoice financing is a valuable – and often under-utilised – method of commercial finance that can support more consistent cash flow and growth.

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And, with a unique and varied panel of over 70 funders, you’ve got a better chance of accessing the funding you need compared to a traditional big bank.

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