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What is Vehicle sourcing, and how does it work?

25th January 2022

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Buying a new car, or commercial vehicle can be stressful and time-consuming. With so many manufacturers, dealerships, and re-sellers, it’s often confusing to know where to start.

You may not have time to visit multiple garages or research numerous makes and models. Which is where vehicle souring comes in.

What is vehicle sourcing?

Simply put, vehicle sourcing finds the right car or van to meet your requirements without you doing any of the hard work. 

How does vehicle sourcing work?

Once you’ve identified your requirements and budget a vehicle sourcing team will get to work searching the market for the best vehicle that meets your requirements.

They will approach a number of different dealers or contact the manufacturers directly to secure your new vehicle with the specifications you require.  

They will raise the order for your new vehicle, keep you up to date with the order progress and arrange delivery once the vehicle is ready.

In addition to this every vehicle will be given a complete HPI check (Hire Purchase Investigation) which includes checks for:

Outstanding finance and/or logbook loans 

Write-offs – has the vehicle previously been written-off?

Theft – has the car been recorded as stolen?

Mileage – HPI’s own mileage register holds 200+ million speedometer readings.

Previous owners – HPI can tell you how many previous owners a car has had, courtesy of the DVLA database.

Number plate changes –Many cars have a cherished registration, but it is good to check these are all in order and not being used to disguise a past.

VIN/Chassis numbers – allows you to check recorded engine and chassis numbers against those on the car itself.

Imported/exported vehicles – cars built for foreign markets can be harder to insure or repair, while cars registered as exported shouldn’t be for sale here at all.

Mot status – is that Mot certificate you’ve been shown genuine?

Who can use vehicle sourcing?

Anyone searching for a car or van!

This includes private individuals looking for their first small car, a large family car or SUV, or even a sports car.

Businesses can also benefit from this service, with vehicle sourcing teams being able to secure anything from a single vehicle, all the way up to a complete fleet.

Benefits of vehicle sourcing from Anglo Scottish

There are many benefits to using a vehicle sourcing service rather than searching around on your own.

Tailored service and impartial knowledge

When you’re searching for a new car or van, no matter which dealership or garage you walk into, you’ll likely be inundated with information about why that garage has the best vehicles and their brand of vehicles that will completely meet your requirements. And you’ll likely hear something similar from each garage you visit, which can only add to the confusion about which vehicle is right for you.

In comparison, our vehicle sourcing team is not aligned to a particular dealer or manufacturer, their only concern is finding the right vehicle and deal for you, no matter the make or model.

Time and Cost Saving

By enlisting the services of Anglo Scottish’s vehicle sourcing team, you can avoid all of the time-consuming research and searching around for the best deal. The team will do all of that for you and find you the very best deal.

Trade-ins and part exchanges

To make the process even easier, our vehicle souring team can also accept part exchanges. Unlike other dealers, we will give you the best valuation the first time around, which you can use against any vehicle you purchase with us. We can even value your vehicle over the phone, or by email.

In-house finance

In addition to finding the perfect vehicle, Anglo Scottish’s in-house vehicle finance team can also find the best finance deal that works for you or your business. With options including:

  • Solutions for individuals
  • Hire purchase 
  • Personal contract purchase (PCP) 
  • Lease purchase 
  • Contract hire
  • Solutions for businesses
  • Lease purchase 
  • Hire purchase 
  • Finance lease

If you’re looking for a new vehicle, get in touch to find out how we can help.

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