Anglo Scottish and NFU Scotland join forces to create NFU Scotland Finance

04th March 2024

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We’re delighted to announce our new partnership with NFU Scotland, Scotland’s leading agricultural organisation, to create NFU Scotland Finance, a dedicated division of Anglo Scottish to offer bespoke business finance solutions to NFU Scotland’s 9000 members.

Announced at the recent NFU Scotland 2024 National Conference, NFU Scotland Finance will offer tailored loans, commercial mortgages, asset finance, business credit cards, and refinancing opportunities to NFU Scotland members.

Anglo Scottish Asset Finance has been supporting businesses with business finance solutions for almost two decades and has extensive experience funding many types of agricultural machinery and vehicles, as well as diversification and green energy projects to help agricultural businesses achieve their growth and sustainability goals.

The newly formed NFU Scotland Finance will be led by Andrew Laird, Head of Agriculture & Food Finance at Anglo Scottish, and supported by a team of farming finance specialists. The team plans to contact members directly, as well as attend NFU Scotland events to discuss new projects and commercial opportunities.

Andrew commented “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with NFU Scotland to establish NFU Scotland Finance. As an organization, NFU Scotland is dedicated to representing and advancing the interests of farmers in Scotland. By joining forces to becoming NFU Scotland Finance, we are committed to providing NFU Scotland members with tailored commercial finance and asset finance solutions to help them achieve their growth and diversification objectives.”

Commenting further on the collaboration Carl Johnson, UK Sales Director (Asset), said “This partnership is a fantastic opportunity for Anglo Scottish to support Scottish businesses, not only farmers, but the whole agricultural supply chain and beyond.”

“This partnership is built on a shared philosophy to help NFU Scotland’s members to achieve sustainable and profitable businesses,” said John Davidson, CEO, NFU Scotland. “We’ve seen how impactful and innovative our members can be when they are supported by reliable financial services, and we expect many of them will use this opportunity to grow their businesses, and thus create a stable future for Scottish agriculture.”


Contact the NFU Scotland Finance team

Tel: 0191 814 3311


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